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Berkeley Projects

Data Analysis

We are actively involved in many aspects of the CUORE data processing, analysis, and preparation of the of the scientific publications. Members of our group have lead the analysis of CUORE-0 data, including the publication of the 0νββ results from CUORE-0, the first tower prepared for CUORE. Based on CUORE-0 experience, we are developing new algorithms to make CUORE event processing more robust and efficient. 

Thermistor Development

All the thermistors used in CUORICINO/CUORE are fabricated here at Berkeley Lab by Jeff Beeman.

Radon System

Berkeley is in charge of the (anti-)Radon system.

Detector Construction

Our students and postdocs took an active role in detector construction, including leadership and organization of the overall detector assembly effort (Tom Banks, Tommy O'Donnell). Berkeley Lab engineers (Joe Wallig, Tyler Sipla) with the help of a graduate student (Alexey Drobizhev) built a dedicated cleanroom at LNGS, filled with the radon-free air in order to minimize any chance of radioactive contamination of the CUORE detectors. Postdoc Giovanni Benato is overseeing operations of the anti-radon system during tower installation, and is in charge of the monitoring of the radon level in the cleanroom. 


Postdoc Vivek Singh has taken an active role in the commissioning of the cryogenic systems onsite at LNGS, and demonstrating its ultimate performance. He currently leads the CUORE cryogenics group. 

Online Data Processing

We have built a processing farm at LNGS and provided the infrastructure for fast analysis of the CUORE data, with less than 24 hours latency.  

Software Development

We are actively involved in the software development for the CUORE experiment. Brian Fujikawa leads the CUORE Computing Infrastructure working group. Our group has developed CORC, the CUORE data quality monitoring system. CORC is a set of web-based software tools and schema-less databases that allow real-time monitoring of all detector systems, assessment of the data quality, and selection of intervals of poor detector performance. Postdocs Brad Welliver and Ben Schmidt and graduate student Sachi Wagaarachchi are the lead developers. 

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