LBL offers a free shuttle service from various locations up the hill to the main security gate on Cyclotron Road, but only on weekdays. You will need a visitor pass to board the shuttle and the driver may ask to see photo ID.

The easiest way to catch the shuttle is to head to downtown Berkeley near the corner of Shattuck Ave and Addison St. (in front of The Sandwich Zone). From here catch the Blue Uphill line and ride to Stop 65 past the security gate. The driver can provide assistance, however this is the stop after the gate where the shuttle pulls into a small loop.

LBL Shuttle Map

Parking is very difficult to come by in Berkeley. We recommend walking from your hotel to the shuttle stop. Alternatively you can walk up to our meeting location, Building 59. Here is a map from the Downtown Berkeley BART station to Building 59 (note: it has an elevation change of approximately +140m):

Note: For security reasons, Shyh Wang Hall is locked on the weekends. A member of the Berkeley group will therefore be posted at the front door of the building to let collaborators inside 1/2-hour before the morning sessions, and 1/2-hour before the afternoon sessions. If you arrive outside of these times and no one is posted at the door, call someone to let you in.

Shyh Wang Hall (Building 59)

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