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How to use BearBuy

Click here to download these instructions as a PDF.

How to use BearBuy:

1. Go to

2. Login to Blu using CalNet ID

3.  Click Finance:

4. Click BearBuy (Full Suite 2012)

5. Now, you are at main BearBuy page:

6. Either choose:

* Search for a specific item

*Non-Catalog Form for most lab equipments

*Punch-out for, primarily, Apple 

to start your order.

7. As an example, I will order pencils!

Click “Add to Cart” 

8. Click “1 item(s) added, view cart”

9. Click “View Cart Details” to continue with the order. Click “Assign Cart” if you need a permission from someone else to continue the order.

10. This is the cart/checkout page (happens when “View Cart Details” is chosen).


Accounting Codes must be specified in order to finalize the order. Click “Edit” at the left top corner.


There is no need to fill all the boxes out. 

13. Under “Speedtype,” click “Select from profile values”

14. Scroll down and select the proper fund to be charged

15. Now, everything has been filled out! (ignore Account)

16. Click “Save,” and “Submit.” Your order has been placed for a review.

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Oct 2, 2012, 8:18 PM