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Meeting Nov 9 2012


  • Power shutdown, preparations for Oxford maintenance visit --All
  • Training -- Jon
  • Current cool down -- Ke
  • sources --Tommy
  • (More of a cuore topic) Cuore database browser (s!cily12) Cuore File DB browser --Tommy
  • AOB

Power outage

  • Jon will collect mixture Fri morning


  • 19th/20th of Nov, 2-3 hours  -- Let Jon know your if you are available

Current cool down

  • Ke's slides attached below


  • Dead 210Po source and waste was collected from 175 Birge and the room was de-posted. If you need to do RAD work in there we should have it re-posted. RUA 8930 will be terminated
  • Paperwork for new 210Po source for RUA 8929 is being prepared (Raul/Tommy)

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Nov 8, 2012, 2:02 PM