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Meeting June 18 2012

Here are some points that came up during the meeting

  • LN2 refill system for production setup, auto fill system from SCS ? How long ? From Richard  ... Tommy will look into this
  • second cold trap ? How long ?
  • Electrical, voltage/frequency conversion,  probably too difficult ?  
  • Get an EU compatible pump or EU compatible motor for pump  
  • Exhaust line for pump in CR  -- Tom Banks
  • Identify space in clean room  ... Ke will contact CR manager
  • Order and count a sample of molecular sieve (Ke and Brian) 
  • Fittings to hook sieves to system
  • Valve between cold trap and pump
  • Meeting with Joe 
  • Arrange for customs/VAT tax for Italy
  • Is scroll pump viable ? 
  • Pros/Cons of doing the coating in Berkeley instead of at LNGS
  • Possible conflict with bonding training ?
  • Next meeting June 19 on campus at